Elbow, Wrist & Hand Pain

Elbow, Wrist & Hand Pain


At TheraRehab And Wellness, we specialise in providing expert solutions for a range of ailments affecting the elbow, wrist, and hand. Whether you’re experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome and seek effective carpal tunnel treatment, dealing with tendonitis and require targeted tendon injury treatment, or facing joint degeneration and need comprehensive joint pain treatment, our team is here to assist with Joint Mobilization, Soft Tissue Mobilization and much more.

Our primary mission is your health. At TheraRehab And Wellness, we specialise in understanding the complexities of the elbow, wrist, hand pain. These essential parts of our anatomy can be prone to various ailments, from carpal tunnel syndrome to joint pain and more complex tendon injuries. Pain can range from the fingers to the shoulder, and our dedicated team is here to offer targeted, efficient solutions for relief.

Our dedicated physical therapy for back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and more ensures that your entire body benefits from our wellness strategies.

We understand the diverse hand pain causes and offer tailored hand pain relief therapies. From elbow pain relief for sports enthusiasts to injury therapy for fractures and sprains, trust in TheraRehab And Wellness to guide you back to optimal health.

Common Issues

At TheraRehab And Wellness we treat a variety of conditions including:


  • Hand Issues: Whether it’s due to arthritis or injury, our hand therapy treatment is to address the root hand pain causes and provide relief.


  • Wrist Pain: Often linked to carpal tunnel or strain, our therapies aim for long-term wrist pain relief.


  • Elbow Pain: From tennis elbow to golfer’s elbow, our treatments focus on both elbow pain relief and preventive measures.

Back and Shoulder Pain: Underlying back pain treatments and physical therapy for shoulder pain play a pivotal role in holistic wellness.

Why Choose TheraRehab And Wellness?

We believe in a multidimensional approach to pain and wellness. With services ranging from knee injury treatment to elbow pain relief and hand therapy treatment, our team ensures that every patient receives the care they deserve.

Your journey to a pain-free life begins with a single step. Contact us at TheraRehab And Wellness today, and let us guide you to optimal elbow, wrist, and hand health.

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Pain shouldn’t be a constant companion. We’re here to offer a solution if you’re struggling with back pain , shoulder pain, or any other discomfort.  Our experienced team of Physical Therapists at TheraRehab and Wellness is committed to understanding your needs and providing the best care to get you back on your feet.


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