Pre and Post-Surgical

Pre and Post-Surgical Therapy

Surgery is a significant medical procedure that requires an equally vital recovery procss. Whether you’re undergoing a tummy tuck, an ACL repair, or shoulder surgery, at TheraRehab and Wellness , we recognize the importance of comprehensive care both before and after surgery. With our dedicated Physical Therapy in pre and post-surgical rehabilitation services, you are not alone on this journey.

Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Before stepping into the operating room, our team at TheraRehab and Wellness emphasises the importance of pre-surgery physical exercises and assessments. These pre-surgical testing and procedures are designed to strengthen your body and prepare it for both the surgery and the recovery process. Our expert-led sessions assist you in understanding and getting ready for what lies ahead.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Post-surgery can bring about various sensations, including neuropathy or even anxiety. That’s where our rehab after surgery services step in. Designed to your needs, whether it’s therapy post a back operation, an eye surgery, or any other procedure, our experienced therapists at TheraRehab and Wellness develop a plan centred around you providing specialised care products offering:

  • Compression garments after liposuction.
  • Including top-rated tummy tuck compression garments.
  • Compression socks and abdominal binders.

Braces like the ACL brace and knee brace for healing support.

TheraRehab And Wellness: Your Partner in Recovery

Surgery is a journey, and with TheraRehab and Wellness by your side, you’re equipped with the best. Trust our professional team to guide you through each step, ensuring an efficient and holistic recovery.


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