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Back Pain Treatment


At TheraRehab And Wellness, we align our services with the various causes of back pain, offering solutions for every situation.

Back pain, particularly lower back pain, has become a prevalent concern in recent years. While there are numerous causes of back pain, a specific type of discomfort called sciatica pain stands out due to its unique characteristics.

TheraRehab And Wellness offers targeted back therapy and sciatica therapies by providing Manual Therapy and Spinal Manipulation techniques to each individual’s needs. We understand that back relief is more than just treating the pain, it’s about ensuring long-term health and preventing future back issues.

With a team of professionals equipped to handle back pain therapy and provide sciatica relief, we ensure that every client receives optimal care for their back and hip pain or sciatic nerve pain.

  • Spinal Pain & Lumbar Spine Pain: From posture or strain, we offer therapeutic exercises to alleviate discomfort.
  • Sciatica Nerve Issues: Our specialised sciatica therapies target the sciatic nerve complications.
  • Back & Lower Back Injuries: Our services ensure quick recovery and prevention of future back injuries.
  • Back Spasms: Directly addressing  and easing sudden lower back spasms.

Common Issues

Back pain and sciatica doesn’t just hurt physically it can hurt your quality of life too. Some common issues are:

  • Lower back and Hip pain
  • Depression and Mood Swings
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Troubled Sleeping
  • Difficulty in Standing/Sitting
  • Reduced Mobility
  • Anxiety

Why Choose Us?

TheraRehab And Wellness focuses on a holistic approach to ensure not only pain relief but also to address the root back pain causes, be it a sciatic nerve injury, back spasms in the lower back, or lumbar pain causes

If you’re experiencing lower back spine pain, back waist pain, or even severe sciatica, trust TheraRehab And Wellness and Contact us to guide you on the road to recovery. We’re here to support and heal, prioritising your wellness above all.

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